Link Complete Ltd (LCL) is the same as Ghana Oceans Freight Forwarders LLC in USA. Our core objective is to assist people in Ghana to buy goods such as cars, auto equipment, home appliances, electronic gadgets, etc from major online stores in USA, package, ship and deliver the purchased items to customers, at the comfort of their homes.



With over 25 years of shipping experience, Link Complete Limited has a long term credibility in doing business in the United States of America and Europe.

LCL is your digital purchasing platform and shipping solution center, all in one place.


LCL allows customers to make bids online at our premise, for cars that are available for auction in the USA market. Once a customer is able to win a bid, LCL will help in buying for you, package, ship, clear it and deliver to you in your home. Here are the major auto auction companies we deal with in the USA market.


LCL provides you with access to modern digital stores, provides assistance in purchasing for you, and take care of all the necessary procedures so you can have your products here in Ghana.

Here are some of the online stores in the USA market.

544295202LCL gives customers the priviledge to track their goods through our online tracking system. A unique code will be given to you, with which you can key in, to know the exact location of your goods, know whether they in transit, at the port, due for clearing, and any other necessary information.

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Our call centers are ready to answer your questions, quote requests, clarity of information and feedbacks. Your satisfaction is our goal, so kindly dial one of the following numbers..


Ghana (00233)
 phone icon  0302 409 436 index   0246 373 120
United States of America (001)
phone icon 8175525580 index 8172963380

 open email envelope 1020 530 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.